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Mercedes-Benz Club, India

The Mercedes-Benz Club India is an organization formed by auto enthusiasts for the preservation and enjoyment of the Mercedes-Benz marquee.

In course of time mainly by word of mouth and publicity from the annual motorcade, the membership has grown to nearly 54 members at present. Today the Club has a varied collection of members cars starting from a 1936 170V roadster, a couple of 170 V's, a 1957 219, a couple of 180b's all the way thru excellent cars of te like the 123 and 124 series, R107 series (sl) and the latest E270.

The Mercedes-Benz Club, India has its regular meetings on the first Sunday of each month where everybody continues to enjoy taking their Mercedes-Benz automobiles out, appreciate their cars, trade tips and facts and simply enjoy each other's company.

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