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The People We Serve

Our Mission

The Mercedes-Benz Club India is dedicated to the people who consider themselves "Mercedes-Benz Enthusiasts"

As friends, we gather to exchange information, provide help to one another, and participate in friendly discussion related to our common interest in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Our Mission is:

The Mission of the Mercedes-Benz Club of the India (MBCI) is to promote fellowship, camaraderie and goodwill among enthusiasts who share a common interest in Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Our Goals

The Mercedes-Benz Club India is an organization whose purposes are to:

a. Assemble members and guests in social settings.

b. Improve members’ enjoyment of their Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

c. Facilitate healthy exchange of technical and engineering information about Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

d. Represent the marque in contemporary motoring circles.

Since the formal recognition of MBCI by Daimler AG and Mercedes Benz Classic Car Club International GmbH, we’ve added the following to our mission:

e. To uphold the standards of excellence, real world values and social responsibility asociated with the Mercedes-Benz Marque, and to promote goodwill and civic mindedness in the motoring scene.

f. Participate in events with Mercedes-Benz vehicles at the Sector, National, and International levels.

g. Serve the interests of Active Members through official contacts with Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Club International GmbH and CATS Motors.
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